Charter, Rules & Guidelines

Every member is a part of the team. Each member’s input and opinions are valued greatly, members are encouraged to speak their mind.
In order to maintain a certain level of fun and tolerance for everyone, we have certain guidelines in order to maintain a healthy gaming environment. Respect is very important to us. The importance of respecting your fellow guild members and other players on the server cannot be stressed enough. Of course, disagreements and conflicts will occur, but there is never any reason that a member should conduct themselves in a deplorable manner.


01. Guild Chat
Guild Chat is an open forum for any of our members to say whatever is on their mind. Our Guild Chat is often used to joke with each other and have a good laugh. However, Members are expected to stay respectful of each other. We will never tolerate Members verbally abusing each other and will step in and take action and/or mediate, as needed. Language of a derogatory nature will not be tolerated. The only restriction that we have imposed upon Guild Chat is that no heated topics are discussed.. Heated topics involve anything that can offend a member’s personal beliefs, lifestyles, Ethnicity, Religion, Politics, etc. If you do experience any issues please notify the Guild Master and or Council as soon as possible.


1.1 What Guild Chat is For?
Looking for groups for instances, posting items you want to give away to other members, announcing items you are looking for, announcing services/items for trade, asking for advice about the game, and most importantly general friendly chat!


1.2 What Guild Chat is NOT For?
Asking for money/complaining about not having money, repeatedly asking for help on quests, insults/negative talk about other guild members (if you are having an issue with a guild member please whisper/mail a Guild Master or Council member), or discussion of highly inflammatory topics. Also, please try to refrain from shouting (typing in all caps), or excessive profanity since that can be annoying for members.


02. Promotion Of Obsidian Order
Promote Obsidian Order members whenever the opportunity presents itself. We make an effort to enlist only quality characters into our guild. If you are approached by a likely recruit and are able to Raid/Group with them please do so in order to get a feel for their personality & ability. Your opinion's matter, so please help us recruit and research new members whenever possible. If you think they might make a good fit please recommend them to an Council Member or the Guild Master.


03. Free Trade
Obsidian Order is a free trade guild. All items are given freely within the guild. You are never required to give items away, but giving unneeded and/or rare items to a guild member is appreciated and respected and can do a lot to help the economy within our guild.


04. Guild Focus and Participation
Obsidian Order will focus on Raiding & end game content. The guild has no set rules about way you want to spend your time within the game. However, if you sign up for a raid then you are expected to attend the raid. The guild is driven by the collective involvement of our members. Your involvement can come from many areas such as donating items to the bank, crafting, instance runs, raids, in-game advice, help and direction. The guild forums and website are a great place to stay in contact and coordinate outside the game. Members are expected to treat this information with respect and only make reasonable requests. Since we need your involvement to function as a guild, if you are inactive within the guild, or within the game for longer than 30 days, you may be subject to involuntary Demotion or removal from the guild. Characters that are involuntarily removed from the guild due to inactivity may re-join when activity resumes. NOTE: Members that have been inactive for one month without notice may be removed from the guild, this is at the GMs discretion.


05. Guild Leadership
All matters requiring a decision affecting the guild will be handled by the Guild Leadership (Guild Master & Council make up the Leadership Team). The Guild Leadership will strive to provide a stress free playing environment and handle problems quickly and discreetly. Members can be removed from the guild for specific violations of guild rules, for violations of courtesy to other players, and for violations of the spirit of this charter. When possible, warnings will be given to offending members. . If you voluntarily quit the guild and decide to come back, it will be reviewed by the Obsidian Order Leadership. If you are allowed back, you will be treated as a Jnr Member. If you leave, or are kicked out of the guild, you may appeal to an Officer of the guild if you wish to return. If the Guild Leadership reach a majority decision in your favour, you may then be let back into the guild on a probation period equivalent to the situation.


06. Looting
In general, guild instance runs and groups are handled in Group Loot mode. Raids will use Suicide Kings to Distribute Loot from raids. Non-guild members are treated the same as guild members for loot rolls.


07. Guild Bank
The use of the guild bank is for self improvement of your main or guild alt, not for self profit, items are not to be taken from the bank and sold on the AH, detection of such activity will be treated seriously.
Information regarding the use of the bank is always available on each TAB of the bank itself.


08. Behavior in-game & while on Discord
Obsidian Order does not make specific guidelines about the behavior of its members. All Council ranks are charged with maintaining the character and spirit of the guild, especially as it pertains to guild chat, general chat and guild member behavior towards players outside the guild. No arbitrary decisions or quick judgments will be made about the behavior of a guild member and warnings will always be given. Guild members are expected to respect these opinions and work with any suggestions offered.

No Unwarranted obscenities taunting - Language - Racial Slurs while on Discord. (If you’re joking, make sure the others know this) Use the proper channel while on Discord (Public Lobby is for General Chat). All Discord users MUST use their character name while using the services. Players who do not use their in-game character name will be removed from the server. DON'T disturb or annoy others. Any infractions of these rules above will get you kicked and/or banned from the server.


8.1 Things you may not have known that can get you kicked out of the guild:

1- Disrespect of Guild Leadership (may result in immediate expulsion from the guild without any warnings). We will not tolerate this type of Behaviour, They have earned their position treat them accordingly.
2- Persistent Complaining in non-constructive ways.
3- Being obnoxious.
4- Having a persistent bad attitude. 
5- Clogging the Vent channel when told not to.
6- Impeding the progress of members and or guild goals.

Being in this guild is a privilege. If you cannot follow these simple rules, we will remove you from the guild. We do our best to ensure that the guild a fun and constructive environment for all. We reserve the right to remove you from the guild if you disturb this environment on a regular basis for whatever reason. If you do not get along with many people, and cannot conduct yourself in a civil manner, we will remove you.


8.2 Other things that you probably assumed or did know that can get you kicked out of the guild:

1- Racial slurs of any kind
2- Harassment
3- Being disrespectful to other guild members.
4- Damaging the guild image (EG: Your behaviour in PUGs and Trade/Yell channels)
5- Charecter Name (Toon Name) - Toon's with Inappropriate names will be removed until such time as the name can be changed.
6- Badmouthing the guild
7- Failing to follow any guild policy

Do we warn people before we kick them? Yes, we just did. We may or may not give another warning at our discretion.

These rules are set in place to keep the type of environment that we all enjoy. We are all here to have fun, and these rules help ensure that we can. If you feel that any of these rules are unreasonable, please do not apply, or if you are already in the guild, please leave.


8.3 What is a quality player to us?
1- Respectful to other guild members
2- Respectful to the WoW community at large
3- A sense of contribution to the guild (you give as much as you take).
4- Ability to follow direction during encounters (ie Raids)
5- Able to take constructive criticism without being offended
6- Active on our website and forums, and active in guild chat in-game
7- Good mastery of your character's abilities
8- Ability to work on common guild goals as well as personal goals
9- Input on guild procedures when opinions are sought


8.4 We do not like. .
1- You constantly take without giving back to the guild
2- You are disrespectful to other members of the guild, or give us a bad name in the WoW community at large
3- You swear constantly and act immaturely
4- You ask for money
5- You use I AM talk continuously to the point of being an absolute nuisance
6- You expect other members to "power level" you
7- You ask to be "walked through" instances


These Guild Rules must be read in conjunction with our Guidelines, Rules & Member Behavior. All our Guild Members are bound by these Rules.


9.1 Guild Rules:
The guild has to have rules. This is not in dispute. We need to use these in a friendly and caring manner so that all members feel fairly treated. With this in mind we have created this with three levels of offense. This is because certain offenses affect the guild the guild as a whole, not just a specific individual. Others are just small disputes, infringements or arguments between guild members that can be resolved quickly if we have guidelines in place. These rules are basically the guidelines for all of us to follow with a justifiable scale of offense and what should be accepted as reasonable action in the case of infringement.


9.2 Policy – A Formal Warning and then 3 Strikes:
The guild provides a simple warning and 3 strike policy for all its members. This is a simple and fair system that gives all members a chance to learn from their mistakes. They can then adapt and change their ways to fit in with our guild policy and rules. It also allows for mistakes to be made (we are all human after all). So to explain this in a little more detail. If a member makes mild infringements these are discussed and they may get a slap on the wrist (so-2-speak). However, if a more serious offense is committed they may get a strike this means an official warning, a second and thats considered a final warning and a third means that unfortunately they’re looking for a new home. We find that this is a reliable system that enables both fair and reasonable treatment. Everyone from the newest recruit to the Officers and Council will be treated the same with no exceptions. Strikes will be valid for a specific period of time and shall be defined by the Officer or Council member(s) involved in hearing the case.


9.3 How to call for a Warning or a Strike to be issued:
Firstly, lets be clear, this is a last resort we are not a “shoot first ask questions later” guild. But on occasion members may need to know how and what to do. In the case of a simple misunderstanding or argument please try to resolve this amicably as this reduces the burden upon everyone in the guild especially the leadership. However if this fails you are entitled to ask a guild Officer to step in and mediate, if no guild Officer is on-line or able to assist then write a report to an acting Officer and ask them to mediate as soon as you can. All parties should then have a chance to explain themselves and the officer should help by impartially reviewing the information in accordance with the rules. In more serious cases the Officer must post in the Officer forum and call an Officer meeting (of at least 3 officers) to review the complaint and hear both sides again. If a strike is called for this must be done by a majority vote. Any offense or grievance that would constitute a warning or a strike must be brought before a guild Officer no later than 24 hours after the incident took place. Any Officer, RL or CL that calls for a strike for an offense that occurs in their raid or group may bring them directly before the guild Officers. Non-officers must find an Officer to present it before the other officers. Requests for a strike from a non-Officer may not reasonably be denied, however, the Officer this was first brought to does have authority and discretion to handle things on their own if the issue is considered to be over a non-strike offense. This should still be posted in the Officers thread and at least 3 of our officers must agree to the proposed solution for it to stand. This process should be done as quickly as possible and the outcome of all complaints must be given to all parties normally within 3 and exceptionally within 5 days of the occurrence.


9.4 Penalties:

Non-Strike penalties:
These are low in severity, and usually constitute minor mistakes, slips of the tongue, small errors that do not noticeably hurt any other member. In these cases a simple warning or a mild punishment is normally all that is required.

Strike 1 penalties:
The person did something wrong, but we're not ready to hang them yet. These offenses may affect other members and/or hurt their ability to enjoy the game at some level, but only to a minor or temporary degree. This offense is more serious than a non-Strike offense and may be accidental in nature, therefore the penalty may be mild and discretionary as a first offense.

Strike 2 penalties:
This is considered as serious violations of our rules. They undermine the strength of the guild community and/or seriously impede another person's ability to enjoy the benefits that the guild has to offer. This is to be considered a serious matter and must carry a heavy penalty and thus will not be given lightly. The offender must be made to understand that they are on a final warning and that vast improvement must be made to conform to our guild rules and ethics.

Strike 3 penalties:
This is the final straw, the offender has done something that is so egregious that it has resulted in permanent expulsion from the guild. This must only be used as a last resort and only when all else has failed. We do not want to abandon our own but there is a time when for the good of the guild we must protect the guild from evil even if the root comes from within.